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Massage therapy not only provides relaxation and relief to muscle strain and fatigue, a therapeutic massage may improve your health. There are many benefits to massage therapy, including physical, emotional, and physiological improvements in the body.

Long days of standing, lifting heavy boxes,  sitting at a desk, driving long distances, rushing around at work or looking after your family can take it’s toll.

Our stressful lives can cause back ache, ,aching shoulders , headache and neck strain. Other symptoms include fatigue, repetitive , muscle strain, tiredness, exhaustion and sleep problems.

Any pain is your body's way of saying, "slow down and take it easy". How you respond to these symptoms determines how you will feel. Take time out for yourself, you deserve it

Massage can help to

Reduce back pain and other bodily aches.
Decrease illness-related fatigue.
Calm aggressive behaviours.
Decrease depression and helps to promote a healthy mind.
Alleviate  sleep disorders, and many more emotional and physical problems.
Deep relaxation and stress reduction
Relief of muscle tension and stiffness
Improves circulation of both blood and lymph fluids.
Helps nourish skin.
Increases awareness of the mind-body connection, thus creating a sense of well being.

During massage therapy, I can work the tension out of stiff and sore muscles, helping you to sink into relaxation. This may help the person receiving the massage on many levels:  muscles feel relaxed and are no longer sore,  your body feels relaxed and no longer tense, and the muscles loosen, allowing a larger range of motion.

As certain muscles are massaged, emotions may be released. The kneading motions  cause a person to relax, releasing tension. Stress and tension is often rubbed away with any aches or pains in the body.

Scientists believe that this deep, healing massage triggers the release of certain chemicals in the body that helps you combat illnesses and speeds recovery.


Often when visiting nursing homes I become aware of how many residents are experiencing depression immobility isolation and pain. I knew I couldn’t change their cronic disease or aging process but I feel that massage therapy would be very therapeutic to them. Jusy having one to one hands on care and nurturing would add to their quality of life.  “With massage, I do not strive to add years to life, but add life to years”

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