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This course is designed to help relax and ease your baby in to every day life.

What is Mother and Baby Massage?

In many Eastern cultures, massage has been used as routine childcare from birth for centuries. The Western culture has only recently adopted the practice.

When a baby's senses have not yet fully developed, touch is in fact the most developed sense

My baby massage classes have small numbers to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and to ensure parent and baby get personal attention.

Specific benefits for you and your baby include:

Small groups and tranquil atmosphere so parent and baby can relax.

Learn techniques to help relieve wind, colic, constipation, teething and much more.

Create and develop the bond between you and your baby.    

Relax and de stress you and baby.

Stimulates and supports your baby's physical, emotional and social development and boost baby's immune system.

The course helps support the physical and emotional needs of parents as well as the babies and covers subjects such as crying, sleep, becoming a parent and relaxation techniques. You will learn a full massage routine and gain the confidence to continue this with your baby at home.

What can it treat?

As well as easing the transition into the outside world and being an excellent bonding experience between mother and baby, it can help with the following problems:

- Confidence in parenting
- Constipation
- Sleep disturbance
- Stress and anxiety

How does it work?

Baby massage is different from other forms of massage. Very light pressure is applied, consisting of light stroking and touching.

What will my session involve?

You will be taught various techniques to gain the most benefit for health and development for your child, you and your relationship with each other. Over the weeks you will gain new skills to aid any ailments and to soothe and relax your new born.

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