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Angies Healing Sanctuary
Angies Healing Sanctuary
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Angies Healing Sanctuary
Angies Healing Sanctuary
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Reiki is a Japanese word pronounced REI-KEY; it is one of the most ancient methods known to mankind.

REI means cosmic or universal aspects of this energy, KI means the life force that flows through all living things.

A Reiki healer is charged with energy and becomes a channel for this universal life energy. .Think of me as a lightening rod, the energy comes down from the universe through me into you.

Reiki allows you to absorb more life force energy, balancing your energies, revitalising your life.

A treatment affects different people in different ways, but it always gives you a sense of well being. Reiki treats the mind, body, emotions and spirit leaving you with a feeling of peace and lightness.

Reiki is gentle and can be given along side other treatments but it is not a substitute for conventional medicine.

Reiki can be given over clothing, and be given to you whilst sitting or lying down.

Modern life can be exhausting, draining you mentally, physically and emotionally causing stress, headaches, irritable bowel, colds and depression.

These symptoms are generally caused by negative stress and low energy levels.

Benefits of reiki are;

Releasing blocked negative energy and suppressed feelings,
Promotes self healing,
Clears toxins,
Reduces stress,
Balances organs and their functions

My aim is to increase your universal energy levels to make you feel happy, healthy, in control, lighter, so that  you can think clearer and feel stress free.

There are no side effects of reiki, but what it can do is release negative emotions, which can make you, feel weepy or emotional, this is perfectly normal. it can be given to babies, children even animals.

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