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Healing Sanctuary
Angies Healing Sanctuary
Angies Healing Sanctuary
Angies Healing Sanctuary
Angies Healing Sanctuary
Angies Healing Sanctuary
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Going to see Angie is my (vegetarian) chicken soup for the soul. It is my favourite treat for myself. Every single time I have a treatment I feel amazing. I have the Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Crystal Therapy and it is truly wonderful. Not enough of us set aside time for ourselves, this is the perfect thing for me. Angie radiates warmth and positive energy and her work as a nurse shines through as a true healer.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.    Jessica

A friend on Facebook placed Angie's link on her page and immediately i was drawn to visit her for some much needed therapy! Angie has an amazing spirit and energy about her, and instantly i felt welcomed and relaxed in her presence...I have had Indian Head Massage...(which is absolutely amazing!!), and now i treat myself to monthly Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Crystal Therapy, which has become a totally invaluable time to heal myself and just deeply relax whilst this incredible experience is taking place. Following on from treatment Angie spends the time talking about the therapy and answering any questions....you never feel rushed!! Angie has become a massive influence in opening up and guiding me as i embark on my spiritual journey, and i am truly thankful for that xx    Tracey

I've been having regular massage from Angie for 6 weeks now, before I met Angie I had chronic back and shoulder pain which was interfering with my life, now I am pain free and happy :) Thank you Angie love Carol xxx

Thank you thank you Angie for teaching my hubby and I how to massage our beautiful little Charlotte :) We so enjoyed it and my husband really appreciated being included :) AND she slept nearly ALL night!! Love Michelle and Luke xxxx

Angie you are fantastic, My mum never stops talking about how she loves your massages. She has had numerous ones before by others but I have never heard her compliment them like she does you. She loved her her Mother's day massage. Thanks Billy

Thank you for our baby massage session. Stanley has been sleeping beautifully today! I just realised the last few days he hasn’t been sleeping well and we hadn’t done his massage because we had run out of oil. Not sure if it's a coincidence but we shall see tonight!  Thanks again we all had a lovely time. Lots of love xxx

I just want to say a Massive thank you for my amazing massage, I hadn't realised I was so tense and my shoulders so knotted, I feel light, refreshed, invigorated and relaxed all at the same time :) this is going to be my monthly treat to myself x thanks again x Becky

Amazing Massage and Healing, Angie is a very insightful and talented Therapist, I felt truly in the presence of Angels whilst with her, Thank you very much and I shall be back again very soon for more!!

When life throws obstacles at you and things becomes tuff, Angie brings you back down to earth. Thank you for helping me at the crossroads.

What an amazing person. Thank you so much for the healing you gave me, i feel amazing and so much happier.  Thank you so much and also for fitting me so quickly. I cant recommend her enough. X

Angie Summers I need to say a huge thank you for my wonderful Full Body Experience. I slept like a baby that night!  Can't wait for the next! (neither can hubs!) Ps new name is Magic Hands! X

I can't see on here how to give you a star for your treatment if I could I would give you ten. Chakra balancing crystal healing and reiki is so relaxing and just fab I love it. Amazing treatmeant from an amazing lady, thank you for making me more Positive. I look to learn more about chakras and auras as it is a big interest. Many thanks Angie xxx Carlie

Just back from my first treatment...very much a treat to myself. Chakra balancing crystal healing and reiki, cannot get over the emotions the colours and the way I feel now, This is a thing I really want to learn about as incredible, also gong to treat myself to some of the massages and other treatments, thank you so so much Angie xxxx

With each treatment i receive I always feel grounded and balanced everything just makes sense and clicks into place:-),with Angie's help my cronic pain has been decreasing each time through reiki,and crystal healing,I would highly recommend Angie she has a blessed gift, and I cherish our friendship always xxxx

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